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Ways to Add Value and Appeal to Your Rental Property

Looking for some quick ways to increase the value and add appeal to your rental property?  Struggling to rent your property?  Want to get more rent every year?

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Is your Rental Property Above Average?

Property investors in the Wellington Region have it better than almost any where else in New Zealand.  Each city within the Wellington Region, whether it be Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt or Wellington, is favored by high population and a diverse range of industries.  Buyers have more choices in real estate to purchase, and there is no shortage of vendors and real estate agents with a great selection of properties to sell.  This means tenants have a choice of houses, apartments, townhouses and flats to choose from.

Many business professionals, as well as students, labourers, public servants, politicians, retirees, health care professionals, and many more live in the region.  Suburbs range from the most established in the country to brand new, with a selection of property types to suit all tastes, budgets, and lifestyles.  The residential market in the area is typified by houses above average for the country.

How do you know if your property is one of them?  Here is a simple test:

Is your rental property of at least the same quality as, or better than, other owner-occupied houses nearby?

If yes, then it is likely to be an above-average rental property.  Too often property investors under-rent their apartments, flats, or houses because they do not know their true worth.  Rental Results Property Management has the experience of managing many properties in the neighbourhood your property is in, so we know how your property compares with others, so we can maximise your rent and keep your property in tip-top condition to protect your investment asset and your wealth.

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Virtual Walk-Through Tour

Don’t you hate it when real estate photos are done with a fish-eye lens and careful angles to disguise the worst features?  Our virtual walk-through tours of rental properties show tenants how a property really looks, and flows, so we get well qualified tenants to the property ready to rent it.  See an example virtual tour to the left. Just one more way we get great tenants for your property.

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FREE Property Analyser Software

Unsophisticated investors buy property, apply strategy, and hope to profit. In other words, if you have no destination in mind, no road will take you there.

Sophisticated investors on the other hand set their desired profit, nominate the strategy that will best achieve this, then buy the right property to suit. It’s setting out with a destination in mind, along with map, GPS, reliable transport, enough fuel and time to make the journey comfortable and satisfying.

We have a great tool which will help you decide if the property you are going to buy fits your profit and strategy – and it’s yours to drive for FREE, just register now to get started.


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Our Philosophy

We are honest and act with integrity.  We think it is necessary to love what one does, leave things better than they were found and take time to enjoy the world while we walk it.   We bring quality to others in our dealings and treat people with respect.  
We think it is essential to have fun, so humour is always welcome at Rental Results.

Awards & Associations

We are a member of the Independent Property Managers' Association (IPMA), and Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ).

We are also members of the Wellington Property Investors Association and Jackie Thomas-Teague is the former president.