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Their Word is their Bond

If you request the typical 2-3 weeks bond, it will not set you right if the tenant kills the carpet, breaks a window, or damages white ware, if your rent is under $200.

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Hot Property, Hot Returns

Winter is a time when tenants discover how damp and cold a house can be, and move out in hope of finding warmer accommodation. Follows these tips for attracting and keeping your tenants.

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Making renovations can increase your rent, cut down vacancy times and improve the quality of your tenants.  So bring that tired property out of the 60's and into the modern day!

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How To Be The Best Applicant For A Property

Getting the property you want is easy for those who follow these guidelines.  There are also some tips here for landlords on what sorts of things to look for in a great tenant.

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Extra Mile Saves One Thousand

A great story of positive attitude, asking for what you want and going the extra mile can do wonders.  This story has a happy ending, though it could have ended painfully.

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Sign Of The Times

Read this real life story about the multiple advantages of a simple "No Junk Mail" sign.  Less litter and less temptation means tidier streets and tenants paying rent on time.

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Know When To Hold 'Em

This humorous and cheeky article proves that asking the right questions at the right time, or just keeping schtum, are invaluable skills for a landlord when selecting and managing tenants.

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Like a Virgin

The very first time a person becomes a tenant defines their experiences, so it's up to you to help mould their future behaviour.  Be gentle, and they'll give you all their love, boy.

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For Want of a Nail

Carrying out timely property inspections and following through on maintenance is critical to looking after your investment - It keeps great tenants happy and staying longer too.

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