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What are people saying about Rental Results?

"A tenant for the house was found within days of listing it, and the whole process has been stress free.  They are very efficient and things get done, so I would really recommend Rental Results to anyone needing to find a tenant as it takes out all the hassle and stress of being a landlord." - Andy Hall, Wellington

Tips for Successful Applications

We want to make it easier for you to secure your new rental property.

A few things for you to know:

Our properties are routinely tested for methamphetamine (P or meth) to ensure they are not contaminated by smoking or manufacture for the protection of both landlords and tenants.

We carry out comprehensive background checks of tenants to help build good neighbours and communities.

Some of our properties allow pets, but many don't.  The TradeMe advert will specify if pets will be considered, and further application information may be required for pets.

None of our properties allow smoking of any kind inside buildings or on decks of apartments.

All adults in your group are required to complete a separate application form.  The more information we have, the easier it is for us to accept your application.

See our current property listings here:

Click on the TradeMe image to see our our current available properties.  On your phone, use the TradeMe Property App - download it for free from your App store.

Rental Results Vacancies on Trademe

"Save this seller and email me their latest listings" to be notified of new properties as they become available.

To see a property:

Use the Viewing Tracker form in the bottom right hand side of the TradeMe listing to arrange an appointment for you to view the property.

To apply for a property:

Apply online using this form.  You need to be logged on to your TradeMe account to complete the form.  If you do not have a TradeMe Account, you will need to create one.

How long does it take to find out if I am selected to rent the property?

We try to turn around property applications within 2 working days.  It will be faster if:

  1. you have given us all the information we require
  2. all adults have submitted an application
  3. you've given us plenty of different people as referees (ideally current landlord, former landlord, and employer)
  4. it's easy to get hold of your referees, you've listed all their contact details
  5. you've sent in a copy of your photo ID which clearly shows all information (drivers licence preferred)
  6. you are easy to contact if we need more information - pick up your phone or check your voicemail
  7. you can attend a sign up and pay the bond, first rent, and letting fee ASAP (ideally within 24 hours of when we make you the offer).  If you take more than two days to confirm the tenancy, we reserve the right to withdraw our offer.

We are obliged to keep showing the property until it has been officially rented.  The sooner you can sign up the tenancy, the less likely it is someone else will be offered the property instead.

We want you to apply if you are:

  1. Honest - you are being trusted with someone else's property.
  2. Reliable - you need to do what you say you will.
  3. Proven in your ability to look after a property - clean and tidy inside and out, without damages.
  4. Able to pay your rent in full when it is due.
  5. Have the bond and letting fee ready for payment - we don't accept bond transfers or payment plans.
  6. Informative if there is any problems during your tenancy.
  7. Looking to live in the property long term.
  8. Fitting in well with neighbours and not cause noise or other disturbances.

Some hints to get the property you want:

  • Read the TradeMe ad closely. Be sure it is what you want, where you want it.  We put lots of information in our adverts to help you make the best decisions and save you time and travel costs.
  • Watch the Video Tour online if available.
  • Be sure you can afford the rent, bond, letting fees, and all moving in costs. Bond, letting fee, and first rent need to be paid when you sign the tenancy agreement.  We do not accept bond transfers from your current tenancy, nor payment plans to pay off these costs.  We are reluctant to accept WINZ payment of bond and letting fees.
    Rent should not exceed 33% of your household income, as this is unsustainable long-term.  We use this formula:  Weekly income /3 = more than weekly rent = considered for property.  We check your income range with employers, we don't want to put you in a financially difficult position.
  • Book an appointment to view the property. We recommend attending the next available viewing time, as the property may be rented before all published viewings are held.  While we try to make appointments to suit most people during weekdays, you may need to take some time off work to come see the property.  Check Google Maps and/or drive by the property before you book an appointment to be sure the location suits you.
  • Turn up with all occupants to the appointment to view on time. Please notify us if you are going to be late or cannot make it.  Use the 'cancel' feature in our reminder texts if you are not going to be there - don't assume you are not the only person attending the viewing.  We appreciate advance notice and may be able to make alternative arrangements if need be.
  • Look around the property. If you want to move in, submit your application.  Discuss your needs with the property manager before you leave.  We meet thousands of people every year, so take time to make a great impression - a photo of everyone who is moving in helps us remember you better.
  • Complete the application form. Complete applications get processed, so take time to fill in all sections accurately.  Especially check contact numbers are correct, and you've given us all possible contact numbers for your referees.
  • We check references and other details on your application form.  Make sure referees know we will be calling them, and give us accurate contact details to help us say 'yes' to your application faster.  
  • We do credit checks. We will share with you any information your credit check reveals.  You can check your own credit history for free here.
  • Notify us if you decide to withdraw your application (e.g. you have accepted another property).  We don't want to needlessly contact your referees and waste their time.  It's simple to do, just change your status to 'withdrawn' using Tenancy Tracker.  If you withdraw your application after we have conducted a credit check we may pass that cost onto you.  Please be sure you want to proceed with renting the property before agreeing to the credit check.

Check out our article on "How To Be The Best Applicant For A Property" for more tips.


Our Philosophy

We are honest and act with integrity.  We think it is necessary to love what one does, leave things better than they were found and take time to enjoy the world while we walk it.   We bring quality to others in our dealings and treat people with respect.  
We think it is essential to have fun, so humour is always welcome at Rental Results.

Awards & Associations

We are a member of the Independent Property Managers' Association (IPMA), and Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ).

We are also members of the Wellington Property Investors Association and Jackie Thomas-Teague is the former president.