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Free Property Management??

Here are 10 reasons why Property Management with Rental Results pays for itself, essentially giving you free property management.

'Why should I pay you to do nothing?' is a thought that sometimes crosses investor's minds. The truth is good property managers make their work look effortless because they are knowledgeable, skilled in preventing big issues arising and efficient at sorting out problems when they happen. They have excellent systems in place so avoid many of the common problems that plague landlords, like rent being late.

1. Maximising rents.

It is not uncommon for us to get better rents than most DIY landlords, often 10% more (our best rent increase to date is 200% more!). This gives you more rent in your pocket, and free property management. Why do we get more rent? We know what the market will sustain. We have more appealing adverts in a variety of media because we know what works to get good tenants to a property. We know the trade-off between high rent and high vacancy, and can make the adjustment needed to maximise your rent every year. A well managed property increases in value at a rate 10 – 15 times the rent. 10% more rent means the average Wellington investment property increases in value $35,000- $52,000.

2. Less outgoings due to tenant damage.

We educate tenants in how to prevent damage, and how to sort out damage when it occurs. This is particularly useful for preserving paintwork and drapes. Many of our clients find they no longer need to redecorate so often, which saves them a lot of time and money. We also educate tenants on what maintenance needs to be reported quickly, stopping many small issues from becoming large ones. We are also very particular when choosing tenants for a property and use extensive background checks to vet them and ensure they are low-risk for your property. We want the best for your property.

3. Less rent arrears.

We have clear systems for tracking rents and following up on arrears. Our processes see 95% of rent arrears cleared up promptly and the rest enter a repayment schedule. Of those few who vacate the property with rent owing, we recover a high percentage due to our ability to track past tenants and deal with debts appropriately. As Tenancy Tribunal takes around 15 working days to get a hearing, rent arrears can spiral quickly out of control if they are not dealt with appropriately at the right time.

4. Better Tradespeople.

Our tradespeople are tried and true. They charge fairly for their time and turn up when they say they will. They do the job properly first time, saving expensive call-backs to continually patch the issue. If you've ever waited for a tradesperson who doesn't show, had to call someone else to fix the first one's mess, or had prices spiral out of control, you'll know what a team of great tradespeople are worth.

5. Maintenance done on time.

We think it is a shame when a maintenance issue is not taken care of quickly enough, and the problem gets worse and therefore more expensive to fix. We prioritise work that will deteriorate if left unattended and have the people to take care of these things quickly. The other big benefit of this is tenants love living in well maintained properties. Not only will they take better care of a well maintained property, but they stay longer, reducing advertising and vacancy costs.

6. Frequent and thorough inspections.

A good inspection looks at all parts of the house in detail and records the current condition and compares with the last inspection to monitor any deterioration. It can be vital for picking up on leaks, hazards or any tenant issues. Failing to do inspections could cost you your insurance claim should something happen, and a whole lot more. Let's hope you never suffer the cost of not doing inspections.

7. Better tenants – guaranteed!

Our selection process for prospective tenants is very thorough with six background checks carried out. With such a diligent process we guarantee we get the best tenants, which means your property will be looked after and your rent paid on time. We do our best to secure good tenants quickly. We know a vacant property is better than a bad tenant and we make sure any wait for the right tenant is worthwhile.

8. Responsibility where it is due.

Many landlords suffer when they are paying costs that should be borne by the tenants. Things like repairing tenant damage, unblocking drains of sanitary products, call outs for basic issues like switching the hot water cylinder off, or being charged a call out for the tenant's failure to meet the tradesperson as agreed. We seek to establish who is correctly responsible for costs arising and if it is the tenants, they are asked to pay it.

9. Deductions from bond and Tenancy Tribunal issues.

When they arise we save clients money by being prepared with documented evidence to support any claims against the tenants. Many landlords fail to support their claims so do not get compensation for any issues, or refund the bond to the tenants without thinking about what they can rightfully claim. Many landlords are scared to stand up for their rights and never even apply to get money they are owed.

10. Excellent knowledge of Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and its amendments.

Ignorance of the law is no defence. We are well versed in the RTA and this knowledge keeps our clients firmly on the right side of the law. This saves our clients from fines as large as $4000, Tribunal decisions going against them, and out of jail (yes, this can really happen if you breach the RTA). We estimate that a great property manager saves you $5,000 for the average property each year, not to mention the time, effort and anxiety. Investment property values go up by $35,000 to $52,000 with increased rent. The average annual management fee is around $1500 per annum, making you $3500 cash in hand, around $44,000 on to your net worth, happier, and with more free time. We act as a buffer to allow you to treat your property like investment, not a charity. You can go and do the things you do best and leave your investment property in our safe hands.

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When comparing property managers, it is VERY important to get a FULL breakdown of their costs.  We are very open and transparent, but some property managers have a multitude of hidden fees and charges.

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