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What are people saying about Rental Results?

"Rental Results are the people to trust your property with, always keeps you updated if there are any issues / problems arising with tenants and the options of having the problem managed or independently making own arrangements to sort the issues. Makes renting property hassle free and added peace of mind." - Danny Chun, Wellington

Meet The Team

Jackie Thomas-Teague, Director

JackieJackie has been a property investor since the tender age of 26 (a while ago now), and has acquired a portfolio of investment properties since then. The first property was the best decision she ever made, and also the beginning of the biggest learning curve of her life. It changed her life direction and eventually lead to her founding Rental Results Property Management to provide quality land-lording services to other investors and tenants. 

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Soc Sc) and a Diploma of Education from Massey University. She has studied Property Management from the Open Polytechnic after completing a Salesperson Certificate in 2005. Since then, she has kept current with Tenancy Law though extensive reading on the topic, contact with industry leaders, and courses through the Tenancy Practice Service.  Jackie is outspoken on tenancy issues, and is happy to let MBIE know her views on the many issues facing landlords and tenants.

Jackie has served the Wellington Property Investors' Association (WnPIA) for many years on the Executive Committee, and more recently as President for several years, a role she was much valued in.  With WnPIA, Jackie put on the 24th National Property Investors' Federation Conference in 2013, attracting property investors from all over New Zealand to Wellington to be inspired by the very people who inspire Jackie, including Sir Robert Jones among many other notable Wellingtonians.  Jackie has been made a life member of WnPIA for her services to that organisation.

A summary of Jackie's strengths, as defined by Gallup’s Strength Finder, are:

  • Responsibility - People strong in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.
  • Activator - People strong in the Activator theme can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. They are often impatient.
  • Focus - People strong in the Focus theme can take a direction, follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. They prioritise, then act.
  • Command - People strong in the Command theme have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions.
  • Competition - People strong in the Competition theme measure their progress against the performance of others. They strive to win first place and revel in contests.

Five things
you never knew about Jackie:

  1. In my childhood I grew up on a horse ranch in New South Wales, lived at (not in) a Zoo in the Cook Islands, and on a coconut plantation in Vanuatu.
  2. My mother and older siblings (all rabid property renovators like me) now live in Queensland, where I visit them regularly.
  3. I have lived in New Zealand since I was 15 (coming from Australia), originally settling in Napier, and now call the Wellington region home.  I'm a Kiwi at heart, and defender of Porirua's charms.
  4. I love to read and watch movies but have never owned a TV, so don't ask me if I've seen the latest episode of whatever - I haven't.
  5. I am an avid organic gardener and live on a farm with a menagerie of animals, including a small herd of rare cattle, and many fruit trees.

Alister Christie, IT Guru

Alister Christie is not just a computer geek, but he is an investor in his own right, having purchased his first investment property in 2001.  To help make this decision, he designed and wrote a property analysis program, which is available on the Rental Results website, so you can use it without spending all the late nights putting something like that together.  Alister has been happily investing in property every since, and still owns that first property, being very happy with the returns (its performance exceeded his predictions, by the way).  He is involved in the Wellington Property Investors' Association, joining on the recommendation of a family friend.

When he's not immersed in property investment, Alister educates other computer programmers through his website LearnDelphi.TV and lots of videos on YouTube.  At Rental Results he is our Go-To-Guy whenever there is the slightest issue with any technology-related thingy.  From smart phones to the website, he's a clever cookie to have around.

Alister holds a Mathematics Degree from Victoria University, Wellington, and has a black belt in Kung Fu.  He has also studied other martial arts, such as Ninjitsu and Tai Chi, so don't cross this man, he's deadly with a calculator!


Five things you never knew about Alister:

  1. Local boy, Alister went to Naenae college.  He's also lived in Porirua and Wellington cities, and, spent a year in Canada when he was growing up.
  2. Alister is an international presenter at the Australian Delphi User Group Autumn Symposium, having been invited several times to present at this event, and other speaking engagements for the programming community.  His online presentations have had upwards of half a million views.
  3. His latest hobby is brewing, and he can whip up a cool cider, bubbly beer, or melting mead, or fabulous fruit wine at the slightest excuse.  He's always a popular guest at parties.
  4. Alister's ideal social event is a BBQ with friends and family, followed by toasted marshmallows around a fire.  He is pretty hot on the grill, and you'll want to try his pancakes cooked BBQ style.
  5. Alister enjoys body-building, and is working towards a body worthy of a cover of Men's Health.

Have you got what it takes to join our team?

We are always seeking a person cut from the same cloth to join our small team.  If you think you'd love to be a property manager with such a fun and dynamic company, here's what you need to know to join our team:

Our property managers are responsible for all aspects of residential property management, including:

  • liaising with clients
  • finding and managing tenants
  • regular property inspections
  • arranging maintenance with tradespeople
  • checking rents and following up arrears
  • applying to and attending Tenancy Tribunal
  • project managing renovations
  • working closely with other members of the team
  • related administration duties

If you have a broad skill-set, this is the role for you.

If you are the person we seek, you have:

  • A positive attitude - no problem is too hard to overcome, and they seek win-win outcomes
  • sleepless nights if they don’t do what they said they will (strong sense of responsibility for self)
  • takes pride in their work and delivers the best they can
  • service oriented (wins over customers easily)
  • can say ‘No’ when necessary even when pressured to say ‘Yes’
  • sales skills to rent property and gain new clients
  • great time management skills (we're not kidding)
  • able to relate to a wide variety of people
  • a good judge of character (can spot a liar before it’s too late)
  • calm under pressure (and many demands on time and attention)
  • good computer skills, including internet and Microsoft Office
  • excellent communication skills, particularly written
  • clean drivers licence, restricted or higher
  • good credit and no criminal history (we will be checking)
  • an investor mindset – you currently do, or intend to, invest in property.

Ideally you:

  • have some experience with renovation or maintenance (you know a paintbrush from a plunger – although you won’t actually use either on the job)
  • are interested in property investment, with own experience or are keen to start soon
  • are mature (attitude, not necessarily age)
  • are responsible (can be relied on)
  • able to have fun, even when the whole world seems to be against them.

We will extend your comfort zone and your skill set - if you love being challenged, you'll relish this. You will need to remain calm and reasonable in all circumstances. This is a position involving a high degree of trust and responsibility, and you will need to be an ambassador for the company at all times. There is no ‘job description’ – you are expected to do what needs to be done.

Hours are somewhat flexible, with this full time position conducted any time between 7am (really!) and 7pm Monday to Friday. There is occasional 'on-call' work involved as emergencies arise.  Place of work is as varied as our portfolio, and you will be required to drive out to properties in the work car for inspections, letting properties, and so on.

We won’t lie to you, with every job there are downsides. From time to time the role can be stressful and disheartening. You may be shocked by what you find on occasion, you will need to deal with conflict and there will be some long hours.

However, if you can find the funny side of most situations, you will find yourself in an exceptionally fulfilling position. We have a very supportive tight-knit team with a great sense of humour. We do things differently and think outside the box. At Rental Results we work together and capitalise on each individual’s strengths.

You will get to go to conferences and other development opportunities where you will learn a lot about property management and investment- while having a whole lot of fun! You will develop a greater financial literacy and gain a huge amount of knowledge on things you never knew you never knew. There is opportunity to show leadership and utilize a wide range of skills. You will have access to professional associations and their benefits and you will meet a large number of people, many influential (as they say, you are who your friends are).

We offer on-the-job training, so no previous experience as a property manager is necessary.  The role would suit someone changing careers, leaving tertiary study, or returning full-time to the work force.  Or maybe you are already a property manager that strives to do more than your current team will?  If so, we want to hear from you.

This role can be challenging, but also immensely rewarding. If you take pride in your service, apply now with your CV and cover letter emailed to the Director.

You must be eligible to work in NZ to apply for this role.

*** Applicants please note: ***

Hint 1: We have an incredible team in place. If you think you have what it takes to be the best, impress the heck out of us!

Hint 2: Please research us before putting in your application. If you can't be bothered doing this, we can't be bothered interviewing you. To get an interview, show you know your stuff.

Hint 3: If you are brave enough to phone (and we hope you are), you will have exactly 1 minute to make a great impression and keep us talking.  Don’t waste that time.

Hint 4: Our time is important. We won’t respond to texts or phone messages.  If you want this role, pursue us – that quality is needed on the job.




Our Philosophy

We are honest and act with integrity.  We think it is necessary to love what one does, leave things better than they were found and take time to enjoy the world while we walk it.   We bring quality to others in our dealings and treat people with respect.  
We think it is essential to have fun, so humour is always welcome at Rental Results.

Awards & Associations

We are a member of the Independent Property Managers' Association (IPMA), and Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ).

We are also members of the Wellington Property Investors Association and Jackie Thomas-Teague is the former president.