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Tenant FAQ

What does a property manager do?

A property manager acts as the landlord for the owner of the property. Tenants contact the Property Manager to view properties, sign a tenancy agreement and make them aware of any maintenance or emergencies. Property Managers inspect the property regularly to make sure it is in good condition and report back to the owner.

Property Managers collect the rent from you and pass it onto the landlord. They also will handle any breaches of your agreement and take you to Tenancy Tribunal on behalf of the owner if necessary. You will NOT need to contact the owner directly about anything unless the property manager role was simply to find tenants and sign them up (tenant finding service). In this case, the owner will manage the relationship with you themselves and you will be given their contact details.

Do you charge a letting fee?

Yes.  It is typically one weeks rent plus GST.

What are my move-in costs?

Minimum move in costs are 5 weeks rent – 4 weeks bond and 1 week rent in advance, plus the letting fee. If you choose to, you can pay 2 week in advance.

Normally, we ask for an amount that will cover you from your move in day to your first rent due day. So, if you move in on a Monday and want to pay your rent on Thursday, your first rent is 4 days. You would then pay rent weekly on Thursdays to always keep in advance. Bond, rent and letting fees must be paid when the tenancy agreement is signed.

Please discuss with us if you would like to do a bond transfer – we only accept these from landlords or tenants we have dealt with previously. If you carry out all your obligations as a tenant, you will receive a full bond refund at the end of your tenancy.

Do I need insurance?

We strongly recommend you get contents insurance with liability cover. This is like third-party insurance on your car, and covers you for accidental damage, like flooding the house or hitting a fence with your car. It will also cover your belongings in a burglary, or if they are damaged in a fire or flood. It is well worth having this cover in place, as any cover the landlord has will not cover any damage to your belongings. If you do have a fire or flood and do not have liability cover, the insurance company may recover the money from you personally.

What happens if I lock myself out of my property?

If you do this during office hours, you may be able to arrange to pick up a key. You may need to pay a bond for its prompt and safe return. If outside office hours, you will need to arrange a locksmith to unlock your door for you. The cost to do this is less than the cost of repairing any damage from breaking in, so please, call a locksmith.

What happens if I lose the keys?

If you lose keys to your property, you may need to pay for the cost of replacing the locks and having all keys re-issued. You should not replace locks without our prior consent. Please discuss with your property manager as soon as you realise your keys are missing.

How often do you do inspections?

We carry out inspections every 3 months to ensure the property is in good condition. Our clients, the owners of the property, require us to check for any maintenance issues and report back to them about this promptly. You should be letting us know of any maintenance issues as they happen, but if they are very minor then you can tell us about them during the inspection.  If you can't be home for an inspection, leave us a note on the kitchen bench.

The property should be clean and tidy so we can see any problems or maintenance issues. Tenants are given suitable notice of inspections to make it easy for all of us.

How often can rent be reviewed?

Rent can be reviewed six months from the start of the tenancy, the last rent review, or lease renewal. We review rents to keep the property at fair market rent. We do our best to make rent reviews fair for you, as we like to keep good tenants in a property long term.

Do we need to move out at the end of our lease?

Between 90 and 21 days before the end of your tenancy we will contact you about your lease end. In some cases, you will be advised your lease is not being renewed and you will need to make other accommodation arrangements by the last day of the lease. In other cases, you will be offered a new lease with new terms and conditions as applicable. You will have the choice whether to accept or turn down that offer, but you must inform us of your decision by the date indicated on the letter, or within 21 days before the lease ends (whichever comes first). If you don’t advise us you want to stay, we will need to re-advertise the property.

Can we give notice in a fixed term tenancy?

No.  A fixed term tenancy is a tenancy for an agreed period of time. If you need to leave earlier you should discuss this with your property manager. Some circumstances warrant breaking the fixed term, but others do not. You may be asked to assist in finding a replacement tenant and pay your rent until the new people move in, and to pay a fee which covers our costs.

How do we get maintenance done?

Please contact us if there is maintenance to be done as soon as you can. If it is an emergency, TELEPHONE the property manager on call (you can get their phone number by calling the office and listen to the voicemail for directions, even on weekends). If it is not an emergency, either leave a message on the phone, or send an email and we will deal with it as soon as possible. We will sort out maintenance in priority order. If it gets worse, let us know immediately.

I’ve damaged something – what should I do?

Call your property manager and discuss the issue with them – they may be able to solve the issue easily. You will be responsible for paying the cost of repair or replacement. Please be aware we have the choice as to whether you fix the issue, or we organise someone to do so for you. If you repair something yourself and it is not to a suitable standard, you will need to pay the cost of having it re-done.

Don’t try to disguise any damage – we prefer tenants are honest with us about what has happened and tell us before we discover it for ourselves.

I want some independent advice on my rights as a tenant. Who can help me?

Tenancy Services through the Department of Building and Housing offers unbiased advice to tenants and landlords. If you need help with any tenancy issues we recommend you call them on 0800 83 6262.

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