Top Background


Anne Munro, Wellington

"You know what you're talking about, you have the experience and you focus on what you're doing for your clients." - Anne Munro, Wellington


Angela & Mark Stead, Lower Hutt

"On the two occasions we have used your services, we have received the results we were expecting and in the timeframe required." - Angela & Mark Stead, Lower Hutt


Phil & Lois Jones, Porirua

"Very happy with service and results, can't fault it." - Phil & Lois Jones, Porirua


Jenny Smith & Geoff Wilde, Wellington

"We rate Rental Results highly because we don't have to worry about anything!" - Jenny Smith & Geoff Wilde, Wellington


Paul & Suzi Duffin, Lower Hutt

"I cannot fault the service. The initial inspection of our property before Jackie found tenants was four A4 pages of things that needed doing, and she was right...  The more you improve the place the better tenants you get.  Keep up the intensive reports for your clients."  - Paul & Suzi Duffin, Lower Hutt


Tess Nicholson, Wellington

"My experience was good, especially in the selection of tenants and background checking." - Tess Nicholson, Wellington


Andy Hall, Wellington

"A tenant for the house was found within days of listing it, and the whole process has been stress free.  They are very efficient and things get done, so I would really recommend Rental Results to anyone needing to find a tenant as it takes out all the hassle and stress of being a landlord." - Andy Hall, Wellington


SB, Christchurch

"Rental Results do show a degree of professionalism rarely seen on the market.  You strive in providing the best that anyone can offer.  You do put not just effort into what you are doing, but heart and love.  And last, but not least, you are beautiful people to deal with.  I would say you have changed a little part of our life from Hell into Heaven." - SB, Christchurch


Danny Chun, Wellington

"Rental Results are the people to trust your property with, always keeps you updated if there are any issues / problems arising with tenants and the options of having the problem managed or independently making own arrangements to sort the issues. Makes renting property hassle free and added peace of mind." - Danny Chun, Wellington


David and Lyn Kent, Auckland

"We think you guys do an awesome job, efficiently and in a professional manner. We would have no hesitation in letting anyone know that you would do an excellent job for them." - David and Lyn Kent, Auckland


Rod & Margaret McGregor, China

"Rental Results give great service. They are very professional & approachable." - Rod & Margaret McGregor, China


Joy Johansen, Auckland

"Your knowledge and experience in resolving issues that arise with tenants and/or the property has highlighted the benefits of a property manager. You handle all the things I can't with working fulltime and living elsewhere and your staff are 'user friendly' and patient with this first time landlord!" - Joy Johansen, Auckland


Penny Wyatt & Kate Smith, Wellington

"You have high standards of professional accountability, are easy to contact and talk to and sort out the things that need to be done without having to be asked." - Penny Wyatt & Kate Smith, Wellington


Rob Visser & Pip Paterson, Porirua

"We rate the good communication and overall level of service particularly with hard to handle tenants." - Rob Visser & Pip Paterson, Porirua


Dave Lister, Wellington

"Rental Results are professional, responsive, reassuring, and nice people to deal with." - Dave Lister, Wellington


Tatiana Holmes, Tenant

"Thank you so much for all your help. I have has to deal with a lot of agents lately and I must say that you have been the nicest and most professional by far. I really look forward to dealing with you in the future." - Tatiana Holmes, Tenant


Robert Wheeler, Wellington

"Jackie and her team at Rental Results have been professional, reliable, organised and friendly, and have gone out of their way to make life easy for me.  They are professional, have lots of industry knowledge and great contacts.  Rental Results take the hassle out of investment property and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone interested in receiving excellent property management services.   " - Robert Wheeler, Wellington


Chris Townley & Dot Davidson, London

"Very responsive to issues - as overseas clients this takes a level of worry away from us and is most appreciated." - Chris Townley & Dot Davidson, London


Hattie Templeton, Tenant

"We really appreciated how on to it you were, getting everything sorted so quickly and we thought you were particularly friendly compared to other agents we have dealt with." - Hattie Templeton, Tenant


Clare Hazledine, Tawa

"Rental Results worked along side us during a bothersome patch involving mediation. It was very messy and Rental results remained helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. It is great to have a reliable professional alongside, especially when things are stressful" - Clare Hazledine, Tawa


Forrest Chambers & Krista Fullerton, Palmerston North

"Careful tenant selection. Real care for the property - They have, of their own initiative, taken on some property issues, while it was vacant/while waiting for prospective tenants to view. That's great service, thanks!" - Forrest Chambers & Krista Fullerton, Palmerston North


Penny Wyatt, Wellington

"You're the only NZ property manager we've experienced, but we've dealt with two UK ones and you wipe the floor with them on every count." - Penny Wyatt, Wellington


Dion Howard, Lower Hutt

"I am very impressed with your approach and professionalism, and I do believe that this will help me improve my financial portfolio." - Dion Howard, Lower Hutt


David Lloyd & Di Robinson, Lower Hutt

"You do all the stuff I don't want to do myself.  You've taken a weight off our shoulders, in an area of our lives that we now don't have to worry about." - David Lloyd & Di Robinson, Lower Hutt


Catherine Meng, Stokes Valley

"Rental Results are hassle free, do what they said they would do, no chasing up required, go extra mile" - Catherine Meng, Stokes Valley


Our Philosophy

We are honest and act with integrity.  We think it is necessary to love what one does, leave things better than they were found and take time to enjoy the world while we walk it.   We bring quality to others in our dealings and treat people with respect.  
We think it is essential to have fun, so humour is always welcome at Rental Results.

Awards & Associations

We are a member of the Independent Property Managers' Association (IPMA), and Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ).

We are also members of the Wellington Property Investors Association and Jackie Thomas-Teague is the former president.