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How To Be The Best Applicant For A Property

If you think ‘oh no!’ on some of them, it is never too late to make things better. Start today. Take responsibility for what you could do differently. Think of the lessons you learnt, and put in place measures so you do not repeat mistakes. Know the bond amount and how you will pay it before moving in. Paying it off is not an option, you need to show the money up front. Save it up before you move. Transferring a bond is not always welcome.

Smokers: Quit! Better for you, your budget, and your ability to find a good property. If you cannot, then always smoke outside. Smoking inside properties causes lots of problems.

Pets: Getting pets is not recommended as it makes it very hard to get a property due to the damage and mess they can cause. Even if your current landlord says OK, your next one may not be so keen on Fluffy. Best to wait until you own your own home before you get the pet you always wanted.

Budget: If your rent will be more than 1/3 of your household income, look for a cheaper place, or increase your income (e.g. if you get $600 per week, your maximum rent should be $200 per week). It is unaffordable to take on more than this proportion as a regular fixed expense.

Have photo ID: We want to know you are who you say you are. Get your driver’s licence or passport, and be ready to show it when you apply for a property.

Credit record: If you have bad credit record, it will be harder for you to find a place. Check with Veda Advantage to see if your credit history is correct. Make arrangements to pay off debts and stick to it to improve your credit rating. Do not take on any more debt until it is all cleared. Landlords want people who will always pay the rent.

History: Your best way of getting a good property is to have a landlord who was happy with your tenancy. This means being a good tenant, keeping and leaving the property clean, always paying rent on time, not causing any damage, letting the landlord know if repairs were needed, not disturbing the neighbours, and being easy to get along with.

Referees: Choose people who are in respected positions (e.g. landlord, employer, teacher, community group leader) and will speak highly of you. Tell them they may be called and have their contact details ready to put on the application. Your friends or family, no matter how much they love you, will not make good referees. Can’t think of anyone? Join more groups, or improve your behaviour!

Stick to the agreement: Landlords do not like people who break the lease, ignore the conditions of the tenancy or break the law. If you agree to one thing, but you do another, it may be hard for you.

Tenancy Tribunal: If you have had a tribunal ruling against you, expect to have trouble getting a place.  All Tenancy Tribunal decisions are now on the internet for anyone to read. If you have faced up to your responsibilities (e.g. paid outstanding rent) you will be considered in a better light than if you have not.

Honesty: If you are suspected of not telling the truth, you will not get a place. We do not need to catch people in a lie. If your story seems fishy, that is enough to reject your application – we would imagine a scenario much worse than reality. There is no good reason for being dishonest.

Provide all the information asked for. The questions asked are there for good reasons. The more thorough you are, the more seriously your application will be considered.

Ask questions: You need to know if you can work with us. Getting a property is about much more than the dwelling. You need to be able to communicate with the landlord, and they with you. If you ask questions, we will both be able to better assess how that relationship might go.

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