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"Rental Results are the people to trust your property with, always keeps you updated if there are any issues / problems arising with tenants and the options of having the problem managed or independently making own arrangements to sort the issues. Makes renting property hassle free and added peace of mind." - Danny Chun, Wellington

Spring Cleaning Tips

There's something about warming weather that inspires a spring clean!  Perhaps it is the brighter sunlight showing all the grime that has accumulated in the dark days of winter, perhaps it is the rampant growth of grass and other organisms that has us reaching for the cleaning products.  Here's a few tips on dealing with a few tricky areas:


Free-standing stoves can be gently eased forward and the sides and behind, and floor beneath cleaned. Be careful not to scratch floors or cabinets or pull out too far and damage connection to power or gas. Spillage in these areas is a common reason for household pests and kitchen odours.   

Use recommended oven cleaners and always follow directions on the container.  Oven cleaners can be harsh and corrosive - we have seen many ovens ruined from the cleaning product being left on too long. Do make sure all cleaning product residue is removed.


"Shower Power, it really works!".  Hate to do a product endorsement, but it is true!  Always use non-abrasive cleaners in the shower to protect wall linings and glass from scratches.  Plastic cleaning cloths or scrubbers are generally OK, but always test a small inconspicuous area first  (try pantihose as a scrubbing cloth, or microfibre).  Soap scum can be hard to see, so run your fingers over the area to check it has gone.  It should feel smooth if it is clean.  Do pay attention to the edges around shower doors and trays, these areas get really dirty.


Plastic baths are more and more common, so use non-abrasive cleaners to keep them in good condition.  Use the fingertip test for showers to test if clean - the usual water level is where most grime accumulates.  Remember, if you wipe down your bath after each use you won't have a huge build up of soap scum.


A rug doctor is sufficient for a 'freshen up' and is available for a reasonable price from the supermarket. If the carpet feels quite wet afterwards, the machine may be faulty and you should swap it for a different one and suck up extra water.  Always open windows, run fans and dehumidifiers to dry carpet quickly after washing (choosing a warm sunny day helps too).  If you have stains on your carpet, DO NOT 'RUG DOCTOR' as this can 'set' the stain and make it impossible to remove.  Call a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with stains.  Their prices are a lot cheaper than replacing the carpet.  If you have pets, cleaning carpet regularly helps reduce allegen build-up.


Net curtains can be carefully removed and hand washed in a tub or bath using laundry detergent.  Handle carefully, as they can rip easily, particularly when wet.  Mildewed nets can soak in a bleach solution, then hang in the sun to dry.

Thermal backed drapes can be hand washed in a bathtub (or use your feet - think pressing grapes!).  But, do loosen the gathering string to straighten them out first, and when hanging to dry do not allow the white thermal backing to touch any other or it will stick and rip.  I fold the drapes 'right sides together' and hang from two lines, the top attached to one, and the hem to another, without any creases.  Mildew can be sprayed with a mould-killing solution suitable for fabric (test for colour-fastness first), and I have heard of toothpaste being an effective cleaner also.

Lined drapes, velvet, silk or other fabrics should be left to professional cleaners.

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If the spring clean is too hard or time consuming, there are a lot of cleaning companies that would love your business.  Call us if you want a recommendation.



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